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Nicosia Municipality Traffic Police to start a campaign against illegal parking in the old-town

Starting in September the traffic police of Nicosia Municipality will be monitoring and issuing fines against drivers who park illegally in the areas within the old-town’s walled area on a 24 hour basis. The aim of the campaign is to rid the roads of cars which are blocking passage for both other cars and pedestrians. Cars parking on pavements and literally in the middle of the streets has been an issue for years and is particularly evident at night when it is also harder to locate the offending drivers in order to move their vehicles.
As a contradictory measure the Mayor of Nicosia with the approval of the Ministry of Interior has arranged for new businesses to be allowed to obtain operation licenses without needing to buy parking places which until now acted as a deterrent in the development of the area.

Our Opinion:
Its time for the Mayor to also take some action regarding the once glorious Makariou Avenue which has gradually turned into a ghost-street during the past couple of years. Maybe turning Makariou into a pedestrian road will also have a similar effect that it had on the once dying Ledras street.