Burglaries situation out of control – statistics inside

The situation with crimes against property (burglaries and robberies) in Cyprus is getting out of control with the police unable to stop them. There are at least 10 burglaries / robberies reported every day. Gangs from abroad have been arriving to Cyprus with the sole purpose to commit these crimes, reap as much as possible and return to their countries untouched. Moreover due to the recent worsening economic conditions it also appears that locals are also taking up the ‘sport’.

According an unofficial police source the problem with gangs from abroad is that they commit as many burglaries as possible during their stay on the island, stealing jewelry and other valuables from houses. In many cases they are arrested in the process but the police can only detain them for a short period until a court trial date is set which is usually many months in the future. As soon as they are let free they continue their criminal activities resulting in some cases the same individual being arrested more than 5 times and let go. When the trial date approaches they escape through the occupied areas and return to their home country via Turkey to enjoy the spoils.

The following statistics were published in Phileleftheros newspaper:
1983 burglaries and 940 robberies were reported to the police until August 2012.

District Burglaries Robberies
Nicosia 637 261
Limassol 600 279
Larnaka 205 138
Paphos 262 187
Famagusta 250 64
Morphou 29 11