Cannabis VS cocaine

Cocaine to reduce the risk of developing testicular cancer for males! The setback is that it reduces fertility by destroying sperm creating cells.

Marijuana users have a higher chance of developing testicular cancer so doctors should be very considerate when administering medical marijuana.

A recent research portrays a correlation between recreational cannabis usage and derivatives of testicular cancer. The study analysis suggests that both casual users and doctors issuing marijuana prescriptions should consider the risks involved.

Testicular cancer is the highest occuring cancer among males aged 15 to 45.

At the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California, Doctor Victoria Cortessis, observed that 163 young males developed testicular cancer after a history of drug/cannabis use, where 292 men of the same age and ethnicity were healthy.

The research analysis displayed that  men with a history of using cocaine had a lower risk of developing the sub-types of testicular cancer which cannabis users were developing.

Doctors are unsure about how cocaine can reduce the risk for testicular cancer, the researches speculate  that cocaine may kill sperm-producing cells, according to corresponding research on experimental animals.