Movie and TV News – 300 Sequel, new Captain America, Transformers 4 & Knights Tale TV Series

300 Sequel Gets a New Title

Eva Green will be taking up the role of Artemisia in the new 300 movie

The producers of the sequel of the movie 300 can’t stick to a title; the title of the upcoming movie has been changed for the third time since its inception and along with it the story behind it since with every title comes a different part of the history. The events of the movie will now start before the events of the original 300. Originally the title was ‘Xerxes’ then it became ‘Battle Of Artemisium’ and now it settled for ‘Rise Of An Empire’

Transformers 4: No Optimus Prime

Seems like more than just the human cast won’t be returning in the new installment of the Transformers movie franchise. The Hasbro sales of Transformer toys went down since the third film because no new characters were introduces, therefore for the next movie they plan to reduce the screen-time of classic characters like Optimus Prime with other robot characters to boost sales.

Captain America sequel starts shooting in March

Chris Evans (the actor playing Captain America) confirmed that shooting of the sequel will start in March. The sequel will be titled Captain America: Winter Soldier and the plot will obviously revolve around Marvel’s Winter Soldier character. According to the comics Winter Soldier (aka Bucky Barnes), friend of Captain America in the first movie, was rescued and brainwashed into a Russian Assassin.

“A Knight’s Tale” to be turned into a TV Show

Ron Moore, showrunner of “Battlestar Galactica” is developing a TV adaptation of the 2001 medieval romantic adventure movie “A Knight’s Tale”.
Channel ABC has committed to the project.