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Police stopping individuals, with pending fines, from crossing to the occupied areas

The police discovered that a lot of people who refuse to pay fines they owe to the state are also regulars at casino’s in the occupied areas. Following this finding, last Wednesday, the Police performed checks on drivers crossing to the other side from the three road blocks in Nicosia, stopping anyone in the offending list. According to the police chief 20 individuals were identified who had warrants for unpaid fines against them out of which 16 paid their fines on the spot and were released while the rest 4 refused and were arrested. A total of 50,000 euro were collected on Wednesday night alone. The police will continue checking for offenders at the crossings since it appears its easier to find them there rather than at their reported home addresses.

There are currently more than 100,000 warrants pending adding up to 300 million euro of owed money.