Graduates in Cap and Gown

UK has the highest university tuition fees in Europe

According to a report published Monday in Brussels United Kingdom has the highest University tuition fees. Even though the fees were 3.375 pounds per year for undergraduate degrees (bachelor) until now, from this month the basic fees start at 6000 pounds and can be as high as 9.000 pounds. Its important though to note that in UK students can study on a loan which they don’t have to pay until they are employed at a job with a good salary.

To our surprise Cyprus is in the other extreme of the list, along with Austria, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Norway, Malta and Sweden where undergraduate university level students don’t pay tuition fees. In most countries students from non-EU member states are faced with higher fees except in Czech Republic, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Liechtenstein, and Norway students are treated the same way as EU citizens.

The study of course doesn’t really look at the big picture in Cyprus, at least, since the largest number of our university students are studying at private universities where the fees vary from 7000 to 10000 euro per year.