Millions wasted in extravagant benefits for Cyprus Airways employees


According to an article in today’s issue of newspaper Phileleftheros, 2375 individuals are entitled of free or heavily discounted flight tickets, at a time that Cyprus Airways is on life support with constant cash infusions by the state in order to remain in operation. Based on information by a report to the parliament by the Minister of Finance all employees, spouses and their children up to the age of 23 are entitled to discounted tickets every year. Currently beneficiaries are, 1034 employees, 1330 retired and their immediate families. Additionally the 11 members of the Board of Directors and their immediate family, are entitled to an unlimited number of free tickets. Moreover the members of previous boards of directors are entitled to free tickets for another three years after their term has ended.

Current employees are also allowed extra luggage per flight up to 100kg with 90% discount and up to 300kg with 50% discount.