Most gyms in Cyprus do not have a license

According to evidence provided by the parliaments education committee, only 50 out of the 450 operating gyms in Cyprus have a license from “KOA” the Cyprus sports authority. The head Mr Nicos Tornariti (Νίκος Τορναρίτη) and the members of the committee suggested that action is taken to provide a set of rules and regulations to ensure safety in these gyms.
Μόνο 50 γυμναστήρια από τα 450 που λειτουργούν έχουν τις άδειες λειτουργίας του ΚΟΑ, σύμφωνα με στοιχεία που παρουσιάστηκαν ενώπιον της Επιτροπής Παιδείας της Βουλής.
Although most of the problems in the gyms are of some sort of town planning discrepancy, the committee suggested that the Cyprus sports authority submits an evaluation of all these gyms so that they can be handed a temporary operating license and given a time frame to bring their premises up to standards.