Torrent swept away 5 cars in Nicosia

The heavy rainfall in Nicosia last night swept away 5 cars near ΣΟΠΑΖ. According to the fire service, 2 of the cars were not parked and the one had a mother with her child on board and the second one was driven by a 53 year woman from Kaimakli (Καϊμακλί).

Four of the cars were recovered by 10 o’clock last night by the fire service and the police whose teams were in great risk of danger. The operation to find the fifth car was resumed in the morning.

The fifth car seems to have been swept away and it is not yet certain if it was driven by anybody. To complete the recovery operation a permission from the United nations was obtained due to the proximity of the unfortunate event to the dead zone.

The heavy rainfall caused problems to many citizens since many roads were impossible to drive on. Many drivers were trapped in their cars and many premises were flooded from overflowing revers and wells.

The fire service accepted 50 calls for water abstraction from underground premises and shops and recovery of trapped vehicles. The most affected areas were Acropolis, Dasoupoli and Strovolos.